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Honey Hut’s early beginnings started in 1973 when Frank and Marianne Page bought Bruno’s Shoe Repair Shop located at 4674 State Road, Cleveland, Ohio, a mere walking distance from their house. Mr. and Mrs. Page and their five children immediately sat down for brainstorming sessions to craft a menu. Frank envisioned an ice cream store that would attract families. Mr. Page knew the location would require a lot of hard work to convert it into an ice cream store, so he got to work quickly. It wasn’t long before he found out it was going to take more than himself to get the job done. Luckily, he was a firefighter for the City of Cleveland, so he called in some of his fellow firefighters to help him out. They remodeled the cobbler shoe shop and opened the following summer on July 1st, 1974.

On that day, Honey Hut’s first day of sales occurred. Unlike today, customers were only given two flavors to choose from: vanilla and chocolate. After opening, Mr. Page decided to continue expanding his flavor list. He began making experimental batches of ice cream and taking them to the fire station for some taste tests. He still remembered the day that he created the flavor that would come to be known as Honey Hut’s signature flavor: Honey Pecän. It was the first flavor to win over everyone at the fire station and result in a resounding, “Excellent!” Mrs. Page’s devotion to the family business during the first couple of “lean years” were more helpful than she may realize. Her help in the shop during the long summer nights helped to shape Honey Hut into the family business it is today.

Honey Hut takes a sweet victory in Ice Cream Playoffs